Facial Wipe Wednesday: Nature’s Beauty(works)

With my quest in researching facial cleansing wipes, I attempt to find products that are somewhat easily purchased. I have worked at staying with drugstores, mass merchandisers and even Big Lots. The the facial wipe review today, I purchased this one at The Christmas Tree Shops with a Harmon Department. More on that later.

I chose Nature’s Beauty (works). That’s exactly how the title is written on the packaging. Since the company’s website is under construction, I couldn’t find any information as to why it would be named in such an odd way. Here’s what the package looks like…

This brand had several types to choose from. I picked the Age Defying one. The package states that it contains ‘organic grape seed and calendula extract’. These clothes don’t smell like either one.

I found the list of ingredients impressive…

And it also promotes how each ingredient is either Plant, Sugar, or Naturally Derived. That doesn’t mean too much to me, however. Poison Oak is a Plant. Arsenic is  naturally derived, as well as uranium. None of those things would I want to put on my face! So, I’m more likely to make my decision from the products listed in the ingredient list rather than the tag lines on the front of it.

The cloth is not overly soft, it felt like a normal wet towelette…

But, here’s the kicker: it smelled too perfume-y. Sickeningly so. I was able to use this for the entire 7 days, unlike the L’oreal wipes I reviewed last week. And continuing to use Nature’s Beauty(works) was a chore, rather than a pleasant event.

This facial wipe, I used all last week, made me glad that yesterday was the last day for using it. Again, another facial wipe that had a lackluster performance and a fragrance that was over-powering. The makers of this facial wipe also makes the Dead Sea Elements facial towelettes I will be testing later next month. I’m kinda dreading it now!

Even with the neat, pink packaging, the Vanity will pass on this one. No, thank you.

Have you heard of this company?


PS…Thank you for bearing with me while I learn my new blog home. 🙂