Facial Wipe Wednesday: Noxzema Clean Moisture Makeup Removal Cloths

Did you know that the Noxzema brand is 100 years old this year? I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been around a long time! It’s trademark cobalt blue jar is a beauty icon.

Even though you can say that your Grandma used Noxzema, don’t let that shy you away from giving any of their products a try. In the spirit of Facial Wipe Wednesday, I tested out how their wipes fared…

IMG_1678 IMG_1679I know that they have one other type of wipe for oil control but, since I have dry skin, I went with the ‘clean moisture’. The ‘new, fresh fragrance’ is rose. I can’t say it’s a light fragrance but it wasn’t heady and I found it to be very pleasant. It did linger too. So, if you are some sort of meany and don’t like roses, you might just want to move on to something else with your mean ol’ dirty face!

The packaging promises a lot…



And, you can rest assured that Noxzema isn’t going to stick around for a century if it can’t pull off most of these claims. I can attest that it does, indeed, do exactly as it claims. And it does it without hard scrubbing or irritation. I loved the way it left my skin feeling as soft as a rose petal.

It comes in a package of 25 wipes and they are what I call an average size; just enough for me on full-on makeup days…

IMG_1680 IMG_1682 IMG_1687


Noxzema wipes have just the right amount of moisture. It didn’t dry up on me before I was finished. I’ll say that the resealable flap was adequate; nothing special about it. It didn’t leak and continued to stay sticky enough to seal tight.  I purchased this package at Walmart and paid $4.97.

One extra tidbit: I found that even though I kept this package in my bathroom vanity, the clothes, though very soft and not scratchy at all, felt cool to my face. I got out another brand, Simple, and found that it didn’t have the same temperature feel. So, I’m filing that bit of info away for possible use this summer where I can see it being of benefit. We got some surprise snow this morning here in Denver, so I truly will be filing that AWAY!!! But, there is something in Noxzema that creates this cooling sensation. I liked it.

When was the last time you gave Noxzema a try?

Addendum: These are my first blog photos with my new macro lens. Although I don’t find my photos magically better, I know I made a step towards improvement.