Facial Wipe Wednesday: Pond’s Luminous Clean Facial Towelettes

Even though it has been a while since I have done a Facial Wipe Wednesday review, I have still been using and testing cleansing facial towelettes. However, it’s time to catch you up on those that I have been trying out.

Pond’s is a beauty brand that you can say ‘they’ve been around foreeeeverrrr!’ And, you would be correct. Pond’s is one of the first skincare products I remember. I dare say it is one that I think of from my Grandma’s generation. Still holding their own, they have slowly been resurrecting themselves to generations younger than mine, which is the very last 2 years of the baby-boomer generation.

If you didn’t catch my review on Pond’s BB Cream, you can click here and find out why I think their BB Cream is ALL that!

As with many beauty brands, they can have different collections within their brand. Each collection focuses on solving a particular issues. One of the newest for Pond’s is their ‘Luminous Clean’ collection. The pink packaging of ‘Luminous Clean’ helps distinguish it from the older collections. I picked up this trial size package of 5 wipes to satisfy my curiousity…

auto curler swatches 189

auto curler swatches 191

This little packet is perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag. I am always impressed when a company will make the peel seal strong enough to stay closed after being opened over and over. I don’t want any towel juice staining the inside of my purse! No problems with Pond’s…

auto curler swatches 190 auto curler swatches 192

Kaolin clay sucks out those impurities. It grabs ahold those scruffy, dull top skin cells and lifts them right off. Now your dewy, soft skin radiates through. Thus, luminous!!!

Oh, and these wipes are the softest too…

auto curler swatches 200Even though they have a texture, they are very gentle to the touch. I don’t feel Pond’s was skimpy on the size of each wipe either. One was plenty to cleanse my face…

auto curler swatches 198

I can’t tell you if the waffle-weave is used on all Pond’s facial wipes but I’m glad it is used for the Luminous wipes. You can see that this is a very intricate weave…

auto curler swatches 199The wipe has a very gentle fragrance. I didn’t find it strong at all. In fact, I only noticed it when I put my thoughts on it. It’s a fresh, clean and light smell. My face felt completely clean after using just one towelette. I didn’t feel an immediate need to get moisturizer on my skin afterwards. I didn’t feel any residue, just clean skin ready for my next skincare step which is to use a toner and then a night time moisturizer.

After the 5 days, I feel very strongly in being able to recommend Pond’s Luminous Clean Facial Towelettes to any skin type except to those that are extremely sensitive. The Vanity is perfectly OK with these wonderful wipes being on the vanity and, that Pond’s has made this a pink-coded collection is beside the point.

Have you tried Pond’s lately? Do you feel that the beginnings of Winter are making your skin dull and need to freshen it up?