Facial Wipe Wednesday: Purederm’s Q-10 Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelette

You may not know it from looking at me but, I’m a ‘mad scientist’. My day job is concocting mineral makeup colors in my lab. Also, I have a doctorate in naturopath science. That’s the study of herbs, vitamins and nutrition. When I saw this product claiming it contained CoQ-10, I wanted to investigate. My false claim radar went up because CoQ-10 is a particular molecule that wouldn’t normally permeate the skin. It’s too big. That aside, I will mention more about the ingredients further into this review.

Wow, is this not a bright package! It’s even more bright in person. I have seen this brand before but hadn’t given it much regard. But, I have been on the lookout for different facial wipes and I saw this in the impulse aisle at Forever 21…

q10 wipe 1


Later that same day, I saw the exact same product at Nordstrom’s Rack. It cost just a tab bit more there…

q10 wipe 4


Right off I saw something I got excited about: This package has a 30 count!!!…

q10 wipe 2

That’s almost a rarity. And, it also had an expiration date!!!…

q10 wipe 3

I used these wipes for 3 weeks. I found that the further I got in the package, the more juicy the wipes became. These wipes were about average size…

q10 wipe 8

And they were soft too, yet with no texture…

q10 wipe 9

Purderm’s towelettes did an average job of cleansing the makeup off my face. As is the most common complaint, it didn’t do so great with mascara and was worse with waterproof mascara. I had to really scrub my eyes to remove the mascara and, I’d rather not scrub that hard.

The fragrance of these wipes reminded me of Handi-Wipes. A smell that I don’t mind wiping my hands with but, don’t like on my face one bit. That’s the alcohol smell and I’d rather not use that on my face at all.

There are three statements, from their packaging, that I find, in my results, to not be true; they didn’t gently clean my face, they didn’t work on waterproof mascara and, they would not be good for all skin types. Since there is so much alcohol, I’m not sure what skin type it would be good for…

q10 wipe 7 q10 wipe 6


Last is the ingredient list. I looked this over pretty closely because I was interested in how much CoQ-10 these wipes actually had. What I do see are many natural ingredients…

q10 wipe 5

However, none of them are CoQ-10. I didn’t know what all these ingredients were so I did Google a few of them. Still, no CoQ-10.

So, my skepticism seems valid. There isn’t a whole lot of independent studies on the effects of CoQ-10 being an effective in rejuvenating the skin. There are plenty of skincare companies giving us THEIR studies but, I stay skeptical of those claims too.

All in all, these wipes are cheap, do a half-way job and would be OK if I was strapped for a makeup removing wipe. They didn’t irritate my skin but, I didn’t feel like they revitalized or enhanced my skin in any way.

Since these come from Korea, and it looks like they have lots of other products they sell in that country. I’m taking it that it is South Korea. Have you tried any other products from Purederm?

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Very interesting, Kimberly. What do you think about the CoQ10 line of skincare products from DHC? Does the size of the molecule means that CoQ10 would be ineffective? Oh boo

    • I think CoQ-10 is a buzzword for the skincare industry right now. There may be properties in a skincare that make it work well. I just don’t feel it would be the CoQ-10 doing it.

  • Wow! That sounds bad – they don’t live up to the promises and they don’t contain the promised CoQ10? I hate when companies do that :S

    • Definitely a case of you get what you pay for!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I often wonder if companies actually test out their products on real people before making their claims. So disappointing when that happens.

    • Since it is not made here in the US, I wonder if the standards are different. I don’t know.

  • I’ve never heard of this brand, but that’s a bit sketchy to hear that it’s a CoQ-10 wipe with no CoQ-10 in it, ahhaha. I’ve tried wipes from the F21 impulse aisle (a different brand) and they were awful 🙁

    • I had high hopes because my favorite of all time wipes come from Forever 21. I guess I found both ends of the spectrum. :/

  • BeautyJudy

    I think it’s a shame that it didn’t live up to its claims OR have the ingredient it boasted!

    • I tried to see if any of those ingredients had CoQ-10 in them but came up empty-handed.

  • Yuck these sound awful

    • Good if they were the only thing I had and needed to wipe my face. Other than that, yes, yuck!

  • marciaf

    This doesn’t sound good for any part of your body. They’d probably dry out hands and the smell would be offensive. How did you use them for 3 weeks? Brave girl.

    • I’m committed. Who knows….maybe on day 12 there could be a complete turn around. OK, I’m being very optimistic. 😉

  • Yeah. I’ma going to skip these bad boys. My skin is dry enough without smearing alcohol all over it.

    • When they smell like Handi-Wipes, I knew i was in for a challenge. Funny though, I didn’t feel like my skin was terribly dried out. But, I didn’t wait too long to put on moisturizer just to cover up the smell.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Alcohol as 2nd ingredient, I’m passing!

    • Sometimes, just sometimes…alcohol is needed to activate other ingredients. But, if I smell it, I’m concerned that it is too strong for my normal/dry skin. And when alcohol evaporates, it can take hydration with it. Not OK.

  • Amber

    What a bummer, these definitely are not for me. I didn’t realize you had a doctorate in naturopath science. Boy would I love to have a sit down with you! 😉

    • I started studying it when I was engaged to my husband and finished up shortly after we were married. I met my husband at a place where we worked together. He was teaching nutrition classes and I knew that’s what I wanted to do too. So, I started my studies and kept going!

  • I was actually excited about these wipes, and then I kept reading. I do not think I’d like the scent as well. and then they dry out your skin… no bueno. Your job sounds much more interesting than these wipes. It must come in handy with your beauty product choices.

    • It was the smell and too much alcohol in that smell that turned me off. These will go into the pile I use for wiping away swatches.

    • Jewels

      There is no smell. I bought some and was looking to get more so I googled them. They are the best wipes I have ever used and I wish I could get more.

  • Meh seems lackluster!

    • That’s exactly the word for it, Miranda!!!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I’d stay away from these. The smell alone would terrify my sensitive skin!

    • Maybe I should carry these and use them like Handi-Wipes since they smelled like them. LOL

  • Facial wipes make the world go round. I hate that they smell bad though! Yikes.

    • I’m only going to use these for arm swatch removal. Smelly!

  • Jewels

    These are the best wipes I have ever used. They do not smell and it is the first wipes that has not burned my eyes. I have used everything. I was just googling the product because I ran out and I wanted to buy more and I am really surprised by your comments. It is a shame so many people believed you and didn’t buy it and now because of your dishonesty it is probably not being sold.

    • My opinion isn’t dishonest. I told the truth. These wipes didn’t work for me. But, I’m glad that they work great for you. I really don’t think I have the power to sway anyone’s opinion. Am I that influential? Cool!!