Facial Wipe Wednesday: Ulta’s Enriched Cleansing Cloths

I used Ulta’s Enriched Cleansing Cloths all up save for one or two last wipes. To be honest, I got tired of using facial wipes and had gone back to using a variety of cream cleansers. But, when I found that I still had more facial wipes to review, I got back into it.

Here’s the no-nonsense look of Ulta’s facial wipes…

All of Ulta’s skincare products come in very simple packaging. I find that it gives a professional and clinical feel to it. I only saved the half box the wipes came in for photo purposes. I just toss the package into my vanity drawer and go from there.

These wipes are just the regular every day looking wipes…

The fragrance is faint and nondescript. The texture of the cloth was OK. And, these wipes did their job. I was able to remove all my makeup and mascara with one wipe. My skin did feel a bit tight about 10 minutes after using. It is a normal part of my routine to put on moisturizer anyway. But, I have been testing to see how long it takes for my skin to start feeling the need of some moisture after washing.

I like the flap because it held firm and didn’t pop open by itself…

And Ulta’s wipes stayed moist clear to the end. As I mentioned, I only have one or two left and the last ones have been just as moist and effective as the first ones.

While Ulta’s Enriched Cleansing Cloths have not made a huge impact, for me, on trying them, that can be just what the vanity needs, sometimes. Just because these didn’t come in a fancy, colorful package and the claims weren’t bold, they still got the job done and done well.

I would recommend these to anyone except for those that have rosacea or eczema on their face. I don’t feel these are oily or greasy so it would probably be OK for oily/acne-prone skin. If followed up with a moisturizer, it works well for my dry skin.

The cloths are $8 but can be less if you have one of their coupons.

  • Midnight Manicures

    I love facial wipes, not for everyday use, but when I know I’m too tired and otherwise wouldn’t take my makeup off before going to bed. Which wipe have you found to be your favorite so far?

    • I def use them when I travel. Makes more room in my makeup bag. 🙂 My favorite, so far, is Forever 21’s lavender ones. They are super soft and smell good. And, most importantly, they do the job!

  • I love facial wipes for a quick clean up throughout the day…especially here in FL! I have combo skin and the price isn’t bad so I think I’ll give these a try…gotta love Ulta!

    • If you don’t mind lavender, I recommend Forever 21’s lavender facial wipes, if you can find them. Next up, I love Pond’s. I say Ulta is neutral. OK to use, but when I knew there are ones out there that I like better, I’ll go with those.