Facial Wipe Wednesday: Yes To Blueberries

Today’s facial cleansing wipe review is on ‘Yes To Blueberries’…

I’m not having very good results with the ‘Yes To (Produce)’ line. This didn’t smell like blueberries. It actually smelled yucky. That is until the very last two wipes. These two, actually, smelled better, were more moist and worked better at removing my makeup. However, I’m not happy with the unpleasant stinging on my skin these wipes left.

I didn’t smell any of these fruits on these wipes. Maybe, just a bit of lemon on the last two in the package.

I’m thinking that this package, which is just a travel size of 8 wipes, had to have been old. But, I still don’t find myself moving towards recommending these. One of the things I look for in a facial wipe is that I don’t have to scrub to remove my eye makeup. Not only do I not want to pull that hard on the skin around my eyes, I don’t want to feel like I’m scrubbing the product into my eyes, either. And that just goes against the point of ‘Yes To Blueberries’ being geared to ‘age refreshing’. Not so sure about that when I’m tugging and scrubbing on the delicate skin around my eyes.

In comparison with some of the other cleansing wipes I have reviewed, these are not all that soft. If you have never used facial wipes before, you might not mind. However, I feel that I have gotten a good idea on what is available and “Yes To Blueberries’ won’t be at the Vanity. I made myself use up all 8 clothes because I’m just not wanting to be wasteful. But, it was difficult to use them all. In fact, after 5 days, I did take a one day break from using them because I had such dread.

Back in May, I reviewed the ‘Yes To Cucumbers’ wipes and didn’t care for them either. Then in the April addition of ‘Toss or Trash‘, I had a ‘Yes To Carrots’ lip balm that had gone terribly bad and was horrible. This does have a facial wipe, ‘Yes To Tomatoes’ which I won’t be using. That one is meant for those with acne-prone skin.

As far as ‘Yes To Blueberries’ is concerned, I am not saying yes, but no!