Flame-Tip Fingernails Created with Zoya

This is a follow-up on my post from yesterday.  Quite by accident (aka just not paying attention), I mixed Zoya’s ‘Tanzy’ with ‘Rica’ on my nails.  I saw the potential of something cool.  So, after I had my nails polished at the salon, I came home and did this…

I made a gradiated effect with Zoya’s ‘Rica’ on the tips.  I like that it is very subtle however, I hope you can see it in the photos.  I got some strong, evening sunlight happening here.

I think this last photo captures it the best, but it is WAY more sparkly in person.  Both polishes are. 

I tried this first with a sponge.  But since the polishes are very close in color, I ended up just layering, with just the bottle’s brush, the tips, 3 times at shorter and shorter lengths so the color built up on just the tips.  And to think, I wasn’t going to order both of these colors.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not a lover of orange polish.  So, I’m VERY happy with ‘Tanzy’ and had fun with ‘Rica’ to make flame-tip fingernails. 

This was my first attempt at gradiation.  Have you tried it?  What method did you use to create your look?