Flower’s Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color in Rose Bud

I have had my first lipstick from Flower for some time but it got pushed to the side, sadly. Flower is a brand that is an exclusive with Walmart and is spearheaded by the actress, director and producer, Drew Barrymore. I chose Rose Bud to try out…

DSCF0058 DSCF0060 DSCF0062


Not only is the lip color name on the label but also, it is given a code as well. Rose Bud is a very red rose color and I don’t have anything quite this shade so, I’m pleased with my color choice. I think the packaging has a higher-end feel than most other Walmart lipsticks too.  There’s a swatch of the color at the end of the tube and I found that the actual lipstick was a bit darker than the swatch…


This lipstick is touted to be very moisturizing and I found that to be true. Using a lip primer and a lip pencil to line my lips, Rose Bud lasted an easy 6 hours on my lips. I will confess that I didn’t eat a meal during that time but rather snacked and drank from a bottle of water.

DSCF0063 DSCF0064

Flower names this lipstick line ‘Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color’. But, you can see that this appears to be one matte lippie. I just love the look of a matte lipstick unspoiled!!! However, since I have had this tube for too long, it was time to break it in. First, I did a swatch on my hand…


And, I am noticing that it was shiny after all. Oh, and that is just one, clean swipe. Yes, it was that pigmented!


I don’t find Rose Bud to be super shiny but a nice balance of not totally matte and not glossy, either. And, I like how it looks with my fair complexion too.


This lipstick didn’t deserve to get pushed to the back of the vanity, like I did! The staying power is great, the color stayed true and rich for a long time and the price is a fair one for such a good quality. I paid just a few cents under $7 for this. The only drawback I see is that I have to go to Walmart to find it.

Have you tried out any Flower brand makeup? Do you have a favorite?


  • Aleya Bamdad

    That’s a great red. You look pretty.

    • It is a shade I’d feel comfortable wearing year-round too.

  • I’ve tried a few Flower products. Most recently some chubby eye pencils that would not stay on. The lipstick looks nice on you!

    • I’ll remember that about the chubby eye pencils then.

  • I tried a concealer stick that was okay, and a nail polish I really liked. That lippie is confused; it doesn’t know if it’s a matte or a gloss! lol

    • Maybe you can straighten it out. I think Rose Bud would look really good on you!!!

  • I’ve never tried nor heard of the Flower Makeup brand, but I do love the lip color on you.

    • It’s a Wally World exclusive. The only downfall. :/

  • Never heard of this but red lips are my go to now a days! This one looks pretty!

    • You can find it at Walmart, if you dare to go.

  • It looks really pretty on you!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    Wow what gorgeous saturated color, Looks great on you!

    • I wish it was more matte like in the tube however, I still like it enough to recommend. 🙂

  • Amber

    That’s a really pretty shade on you! Very pigmented too!

    • It is very pigmented! Thanks, Doll!

  • marciaf

    Pretty color on you. I’d buy Flower more if it was somewhere other than Walmart.

    • Oh, Marcia, I soooooo understand.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Thats a gorgeous color on you!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    That’s a pretty shade. For some reason, buzz on this brand died. Is it still around?

    • Yes. They had a really nice Christmas gift set last year too. And, they have expanded to perfumes. Only being available at Walmart is going to cut into a huge crowd that won’t go there but, I think they would like the Flower brand. I won’t tell anyone to go Walmart just for a brand or product, though.

  • Rose bud is the only shade I have for this lipstick and it’s one of my absolute favorite reds. I wish my Walmart sold this brand because I want to try more.

    • Totally unfair that you don’t get this in Hawaii!!! Boo!!! >:(

  • That color is beautiful! I’ve never tried anything from Flower =(

    • Brooke, I think you’d like this lipstick. 🙂