For A Ghoul Time, Call Golden Nightmare

Who’s ready for Halloween?  ME!!! ME!!!!

So, let the Halloween fun begin!!!

I purchased this polish earlier this year waiting for the holiday. Take a look at Kleancolor’s ‘Golden Nightmare’…

In this black jelly base is glitter. But I’m not going to call in golden. It’s green like the green glitter from ‘Zombie Zest.’ Click here to see a swatch of ‘Zombie Zest’ done by Scangie, last year.

This is what 2 coats of ‘Golden Nightmare’ look like…

In the bottle, it looks like a LOT more glitter than what gets applied to the nail. And you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that. I like how it came out.

‘Golden Nightmare’ is still an inky black and showcases the greenish-gold glitter very well. I’m telling you, it’s a great Halloween mani. But, beware!!!! This polish gobbles up top coat. I have a no name coat on first, then I followed up with Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker.’

This photo shows off the glitter the best…

‘Golden Nightmare’ is a name that I can’t imagine what that would be. But I love the creepiness and the spookiness of it.

So, did anyone address the name of ‘Zombie Zest’ last year? If you know what ‘zest’ is, that makes ‘Zombie Zest’ just terribly disgusting and downright gory! (Insert Vincent Price laugh.)

How do you like ‘Golden Nightmare’? Do you like food that uses lemon zest? Will you ever be able to use zest again and not think of zombies?