• thanks for posting this!

  • LOL – Got my broom right here. But it's a sweeping broom. (Brownie points if you get what that's from. LOL)

  • just so you know, i <3 that you posted this, but more so, I love HOW you posted this. Its my giveaway and even I want to go get a broom and fly over... it reminds me of Worst Witch...

  • Kimberly!!!! I got your giveaway package; its AMAZING! Thank you!!! I've been inhaling my hands ever since I used that lotion. And also, making tea as I type 🙂 You are such an absolute sweetheart and I adore everything. I will for sure do a cute pumpkin design for you asap with that orange polish. You really and truly are so thoughtful. Thank you!!!