Forever 21: 6-Pan Cream Eyeshadows

What I didn’t tell you in my previous post on a Forever 21 cream eyeshadow palette is that I got 2 palettes…

Mega swatch day 017 Mega swatch day 018Not too similar in shades, I am still fixated on the splatter effect. This palette, being smaller, is less overwhelming but, not dismissive at all…

Mega swatch day 021 Mega swatch day 020 Mega swatch day 019These fun shadow creams have not been wear-tested yet. I have been trying out another type of shadow. However, this one is eagerly sitting in line for its turn.

The swatches dance in the sunlight. They come off like duochromes. You can’t help but be mesmerized…

Mega swatch day 025 Mega swatch day 029 Mega swatch day 030The swatches are ‘swiped’ rather than ‘swirled’. I didn’t mix the splatters to create the swatched color. I just took a swab, loaded it up with some shadow and transferred it to my arm. That is why there are some various colors in amongst the swatches themselves.

The creamiest of creams, these glide on as smooth as warm butter. Using just these shades should create some attractive EOTD (eye-of-the-day look).

Mega swatch day 022 Mega swatch day 023 Mega swatch day 024Rather cosmic, wouldn’t you say?

  • I love the look of this! I’d never be able to touch it lol

    • It was hard to swatch. I try to comfort myself knowing that I have photos of it in its virgin state.

  • Lovely post and product.

    Wish I hadn’t waked today with a ginormous stye in my eye. Not the right time to try out cool new palettes.

    Still, I can dream. Of shadows and such. šŸ™‚

  • MyNewestAddiction

    What a pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t have imagined they would be like that. That would also be great for upcoming face decorating at Halloween!

    • With some setting powder, you might be able to use it as face paint.

  • Amber

    What gorgeous colors, both in the pan and swatched! Can’t wait to see some eotd looks with them! šŸ˜‰

    • If I can manage to remember to take some eotd photos before I rush out the door in the morning. LOL

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