Forever 21: A New Nude Palette

Even a ‘no-buy’ limitation on myself doesn’t stop me from wanting ALL THE EYESHADOW PALETTES!!! I had to yell because, well, it’s seriously true.

Two things go into breaking this rule: 1) The price is soooo good, 2) experience has shown that this brand was good in the past, and 3) no will power. OK, that’s three so, let’s not count that last one, shall we?

Here’s a new Forever 21 eyeshadow palette…

nail swatches Gosh 026 nail swatches Gosh 029 And, it is a NUDE palette to boot! Why, every makeup blogger knows you have to have at least one nude shadow palette on the vanity. I want to make totally sure that I’m covered. I mean, what would happen if I would accidentally drop one? Or, someone would break into my house and raid the vanity! Gasp!!! Maybe I’d misplace one and be frantic until I found the backup. (Not that any of these, save for dropping one, are remotely going to happen. But, you never know…)

What a heavenly lineup…

nail swatches Gosh 036 nail swatches Gosh 034 nail swatches Gosh 033The sunlight washes a few of these shades out. So, none of the shades are identical. But, they all compliment each other.

The Forever 21 store that I found this at had not been gentle with these palettes and, even some other styles, as well. It was my duty to provide a warm and loving home/vanity to a special palette. Actually, this one was the one with the least broken shadows…

nail swatches Gosh 032It didn’t hurt to ask the sales associate if I could get a discount because it was blemished and all the other ones were much more damaged. At first I was told a 10% discount. I said that it would be better if it was 25%. The store manager was brought in and she said that 15% was the highest she could go. Well, the palette was only $5.80, so I agreed.

And, I still got some great photos that I can use in future business cards…

nail swatches Gosh 031Oh, and this isn’t the last you’ll see of this palette. There is a bit more to the story, along with some swatches, coming up very, very soon!

Do you have a favorite nude palette?

  • I hope you’ll do some swatches. I don’t shop at Forever21 since the clothes there wouldn’t fit my arm let alone body so it’s interesting to see they have some cosmetics.

    • There is a real sense of giddiness when I can find a top that fits from Forever 21. 🙂 I have some swatches coming up. I have been wearing these and I’m liking the results.