Forever 21: Green and Brown Powder Palette

I can’t get enough of the Forever 21 splatter palettes. How about you? This is a very Fall-appealing palette…

polishes green eye 057Did I mention in the previous post on the purple palette that these only cost $4.80? In my books, very well worth it…

polishes green eye 058polishes green eye 059polishes green eye 025All but the white shadow are shimmery. The white has a sheen to it, though. All are fairly well-pigmented and build to a bold color when used with a shadow primer. These swatches, however, don’t have any primer going on. They are all swatched in the order on the palette…

polishes green eye 066 The sparkly-est!polishes green eye 071If you like neutral shades in gold, green, bronze and brown, you will love the combos you can create with this Forever 21 palette. It really goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…I love mixing the purple and the browns together. The combos are endless.

Have you seen this palette at Forever 21? Which one do you like more…the purple/grey one or, this green/brown?

  • Kristie

    I definitely am a fan of the purple/grey one – my tones for sure! However, these colors are pretty, just not in my color family 🙂

  • Amber

    Wow, another hit from F21! I am going to look at the purple/grey one. I love the shades in this, but I never wear green on my eyes for some reason lol…

    • Even though this one is neutral and, I don’t usually use neutrals, I like blending them in with the purple/greys. And, even with any other shadows.

  • Gorgeous colors! Who knew F21 had such a great cosmetic line!

    • I’ve been loving F21 (I love that!) cosmetics ever since I started blogging. I also like their cheap jewelry. Oh, and they have my all-time favorite makeup removal wipes!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Pretty colors for fall! Great find!

    • A makeup lover cannot have too many Fall palettes. 😀

      • Ella Hanover

        That is exactly what I tell myself when I go into Sephora around this time. All the brands have new fall lines and products, I can’t get enough! Have you tried to Lorac Pro Palette?

        • I think I have only tried a Lorac mascara mini. Other than that, no.

  • Ella Hanover

    I was so glad to see a review on Forever 21 palettes. Thanks so much for doing this! It’s nice to see a whole range of brands being reviewed on blogs.

    • It’s just too hard for me to stay totally loyal to any brand of makeup. I’m a little more loyal with skincare and then with haircare next.