Forever 21: I Haven’t Been There In Forever

My job no longer allows me the opportunity of working in malls. I’m bummed by that. I miss shopping the stores after doing my merchandising. I really miss popping into Forever 21. Luckily, there is one in the mall that I live close to. I just don’t get up by it at all.

So, I made a special road trip to visit the Forever 21. This store is huge too! I picked up this cutie blue on this last visit…

nail swatches 044 nail swatches 046Hmmm…interesting name. I rather like ‘Cutie Blue’ better. It was that shimmer of gold that reeled me in. I didn’t even try to resist…

nail swatches 047Application was on the thin side and I had to use three coats. A visible nail line is still well, visible. Rest assured, it wasn’t that noticeable from a proper distance…

nail swatches 049 nail swatches 053This Forever 21 polish wore well considering I used Nail Tek 2 Intensive Therapy as a top coat. It’s actually made to be used right on the nail to strengthen it. But, I couldn’t for the life of me find any topcoats. Weird, eh??

I stopped by a Walgreens today. I noticed that they have those top shelves up over the shampoo and haircolor products. Not all of them have those shelves until the Holidays. Get ready to start peeking up there for Holiday makeup goodies!

  • Kristie

    Thanks for the Walgreens tip! I’m definitely going to start checking.

    • It’s a rite of seasonal passage. 🙂

  • Krystle Kouture

    I can’t wait for holiday items/sets!