Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

It was back to work day. Luckily, I like my work so it wasn’t bad. But, I did get to work in a huge mall today. And, what happens when all the work is done? First, I stop into Starbucks and treat myself to a salted caramel hot chocolate. Now, I could have stopped right there and have felt like a lucky duck. But, I don’t do much on a restraint level.

This mall has a huge Forever 21 store. I got some cheap new jewelry…

The flower ring just happened to match the top I was wearing today. I didn’t get it to match; it just happened.

I took these photos in my car. What can I say, the lighting was great! I liked the dark metal of these two. Plus, I have always had a thing for stars. My first tattoo was a star.

I like them paired up, but don’t know if they will be the right length do to that…

And the star theme continues…

What I like about these two is that there is a star in the middle as well.

And last, some gold feathers….

Quite on trend and perfect for Fall.

I got some bracelets, more rings and a few polishes too. Stay tuned for that post.

Can you believe that these necklaces were $1.50 each? I’m not looking to have them as heirlooms; they are just for the season.  Do you like any of these, too?

  • I love all of them, great choices.

  • Those rings are sooooo pretty!

  • I love them…and Forever 21 is great for inexpensive jewelery for the season…definitely my favorite place to go for it!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    I love the star necklaces, they are so cute. 🙂

  • I looooooooooooove that flower ring! I need to make a trip to F21 soon!

  • Awesome haul!

  • @Peredita This season seems to have a lot of things I like. Unlike, last spring.

    @Vintage Makeup If you like that, wait till you see my next post. 😉

    @Sarah I did like a lot of things this time. The one I went to is very organized and doesn't look like a ton of toddlers tore through it. LOL

    @MissMidnightBlue You would have been beside yourself with all the star-themed jewelry I saw!

    @Stardust Stephanie It is sooo vintage looking. Yes, you do need to do a Forever 21 haul too. 😀

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Thanks, love!

  • G.

    LOVE the gold feather necklace. What a fun haul! 🙂 xo