Fourth of July Manicures Or: Why I Should Just Go Play With Sparklers

My freaky fourth Frenches were a fat failure! I didn’t even bother to photo them.

I thought I’d try some flaky blue and red but, they didn’t turn out as cute as I wanted. It didn’t give off that July 4th feeling…

I didn’t even bother to clean this up, I hated it so much. Why was this polish so gloopy? I did it over Color Club matte white and well, it just mucked up. It didn’t last but 2 more seconds after this photo.

Then I tried to do some fun dots…

I think these turned out the best. However, it looks more like Wonder Bread than a Fourth of July holiday mani. Just add some yellow dots…

Then I got the not-so-good idea to whip out some stamping. Again, in theory, it would have been nice…

A couple of these are OK but I wasn’t impressed enough to keep them on. 

Luckily, the fireworks are in the night sky and no one can see my nails anyway…

Oh, one thing funny did happen yesterday. Hubs and I were in the grocery store and the store music was a John Philip Sousa band song. I began to sing along and Hubs did a double-take on me and promptly walked away. I guess I’m more patriotic than him.

  • Man, I've had days like that… where I end up redoing my nails 5-6 times because NOTHING is WORKING! I've even wound up just taking it all off and saying $%*& it, I'll leave them unpolished!

    I have to say, though, I like #2 and #3. We are our own worst critics! =P

  • I took off my polka dots almost immediately, I just wasn't happy about how uneven they were! But I like the stamps and your dots, I really do.

  • Those dots are adorable ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  • Awwww…..too bad the glitters over the white were a failure. Love the dots and really love the stamped mani! I always love seeing your holiday manis!

  • LOL, sooo recognisable how you had an amazing idea that turned out nothing like you imagined it.
    The mani with the stamping looks great though!!!

  • Happens to the best of us, sigh!

  • @Laynie Gosh, and I never would have redone my nails like this if I wasn't blogging. LOL Who else would look this close at my nails? 😉

    @Nicole Thanks, doll! I do think I can do so much better though. I'll keep trying. And, you continue to inspire me.

    @Christine Ah, thanks!

    @Peach Thanks, sweets! It is easy to decorate my nails for the holidays. Not so easy around my home. LOL

    @PolishSis Thank you for seeing the potential. 🙂 Maybe I can persuade you to so a great rendition of mine. *hint*

    @DesertNails8 Thanks for understanding. 🙂