Freeman Beauty: Facial Moisturizing Cleaner with Kiwi and Yogurt

I have reviewed many Freeman Beauty products in the past and, I have yet to come across one that I don’t like. The Facial Moisturizing Cleanser with Kiwi and Yogurt has proven to be no exception…

freeman cleaner 2


Not only are Freeman Beauty products good quality, you also get your money’s worth. This tube is 6 ounces and, the cost, on the Freeman website is $4.29. That’s close to what you’ll find at the drugstores too.

The cleanser is gentle and luxurious to my skin. I consider my skin to be normal to dry so, I work towards keeping it as moist as possible and, not over-drying it. Since a large portion of my face cleansing schedule is to use makeup remover wipes for my Facial Wipe Wednesday segments, using Freeman Beauty’s creamy lotion remover was a pleasant diversion.

I found the list of ingredients rather interesting…

freeman cleaner 4

Lots of healthy things like fruit extracts. However, if you look closely, the back verbiage states that it is a ‘non-dairy yogurt…

freeman cleaner 3


Yet, in the ingredients, it lists yogurt…

freeman cleaner yogurt

Anything that I could find states that hydrolyzed yogurt protein comes from yogurt. Yogurt is considered a dairy product. Vegans do not use any products derived from animals. So, if you avoid products that contain animal-derived ingredients, you might want to investigate further. As for me, I’m just confused but OK in using this product.

This cleanser does, indeed, smell like kiwis. And, I love kiwis! The cleanser did awesome with removing all types of makeup and did so easily. It rinsed off without leaving any type of residue behind. What did leave behind was baby-soft skin…

freeman cleaner 8

Freeman Beauty is made in the USA and, is cruelty-free…

freeman cleaner 6

If you have normal to dry skin, I highly recommend Freeman Beauty’s Facial Cleanser with Kiwi and Yogurt. It will leave your skin feeling quite pampered.

Have you tried this cleanser from Freeman?

  • I have oily skin, but I still kinda want to try this.. kiwi! yum.

    • If you do, come back and let me know how it works. I know….KIWIS!!!!

  • This is one Freeman Beauty product I have yet to try.

    • Have you seen how many new products they have?! That will keep me busy. 🙂

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I might have to give this product a try. It looks very refreshing, especially for dry skin.

    • I liked how it felt very much.

  • TinaBowling

    I’ve only tried Freeman masks, I’ll have to give the cleanser a try. Thanks for the review!

    • If you like their masks, I bet you’d like their cleansers. This one did such a great job.

  • Kiwi and yoghurt sound like a great combination – yummy and delicious-smelling. You cannot go wrong with Freeman’s prices!

  • Interesting product! I have a whole bunch of freeman skin care, but my favorites from them are masks and also their eslor line.

    • I am in love with the Eclos line too!!!

      • Doh! Girl, I get eclos and eslor confused ALL THE TIME. I do like both though, and initially discovered one because I thought it was the other, haha 😀

        • Well, know you have me curious to look for eslor!!!

  • What a weird ingredient in a cleanser! I bet it smells good though.

    • It’s probably in there for the cooling and hydrating properties. It smells light and refreshing. 🙂

  • marciaf

    I haven’t used Freeman in quite a while but I remember liking a lot of the products back in the day. LOL

    • I am enjoying discovering new products by Freeman.

  • I love Freeman products! I’ve not tried this one yet, it sounds great!

    • I like how soothing it really feels.

  • Justina

    I love the Freeman masks!

    • I bet you’d like this cleanser too.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Sounds like a great product

  • I can’t remember if I have tried this one… but I love Freeman masks so I will definitely see if this cleanser is a win for me too.

    • I’ve been on a Freeman kick lately because I like their products.

  • ohhh I bet that smells amazingggg

    • I do like the smell. It isn’t really strong but still, very refreshing.