Fun and Wonderment With My Job

There are many large hospitals located in the Orlando area. The Florida Hospital is one. I like this hospital a lot. The vibes are positive and the people that work there are kind and friendly. While I was there, a few weeks ago, enjoying some of the photography they have on display, I got to see R2D2. He was roaming the main halls greeting young and old with his beeps and tweeps…

The next day I when to Sally’s Beauty Supply. I walked past this car and I had to come back and take a photo, or two, of it…

It’s difficult to see, however, a couple of these white clothes are actually white gloves. I would just LOVE to know the story behind this.

Since I don’t work in an office environment, these are some of the things I get to see. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t realize how special it is to have a job where I am out experiencing the day. I think that’s why I have done freelance merchandising for 5 years.

Are you able to get to experience fun stuff with your job?

  • The most fun thing about my job are the hours – we work long days on Monday and Tuesday, so to compensate I get to take long lunches and come in late/leave early the rest of the week.

    I also get to work from home which is pretty awesome. I save on gas, work clothes, lunches, and I get to sleep in. 😀

    • Ah, that is a wonderful perk! I thank you for the mineral shadow samples!! I can’t wait to try them out. Especially Catatonic (bright green with the gold flecks). I have never tried any of those brands.

      • Awesome! I had a hunch you’d like that one, and especially the company name/image.

  • NiftyBa

    That’s so cool!

    I get to meet a lot of cool kids and their parents who desperately want them to read more, and they just want Pokemon.

    • I was one of those kids that begged someone to read to me. No one would, except for a really cool babysitter. I ended up being a fast reader and still enjoy reading today.

    • Ah, my first response didn’t seem to show up. I remember wishing my parents would read to be. So, when I learned to read I learned as fast as I could. I used to be a big reader. Then came the Internet. =O

  • That is so cool!!

  • I used to experience fun and crazy stuff all the time.

    • You have to create your on crazy, Phyrra. 😀