Gifts From Heaven Above; Walgreen’s Top Shelf Shopping

The season has come for the ‘Look Up’ shopping. What is this, you say? Retail stores receive a mess-load of Christmas products. It will fill up their backroom in an over-consumption minute. What Walgreens is known to do is put out the Holiday gift sets on the higher shelves, above the head, in preparation to move them down to the shoppable levels. But, if it is out on the floor, you can still buy it! I shared some of my Walgreens findings with G. at Nouveau Cheap‘s blog. She’s my source for all things new at the drugstore.

This is one of the first items I purchased…

swatches galore 014Look! One Buck!! Profusion comes out with a variety palettes during the Holiday. I find them hit or miss as far as quality. It’s a small gamble to find out if the shadows are too hard, too powdery or just right. Many one of the shadows is unblendable. Sometimes the entire palette isn’t worth your time. Yet, this one was a dollar. I lose that much in my car seat! So, this splurge is hardly a dent.

If I remember correctly, there were 6 different palettes to pick from. I got the purples…

swatches galore 018


I can sit and stare at color palettes all day. Even when I was a kid, I had to have all my crayons in rainbow order and I wouldn’t use them. I didn’t want to spoil them so I would ask a classmate if I could borrow theirs. I don’t know if anyone ever caught on to my scheme. A bit of my reason to blog is to not only capture the virgin moment of makeup but also, to get me to make that first step in using it by swatching.

Anyway, are not these shades pretty? Nothing new but still pretty. Here are the sacred swatches from my first 2013 Holiday palette…

swatches galore 027I used a swab to swatch. And these were velvety smooth. I found them easy to blend with my makeup brushes. A bit of fallout but I really loaded up the swab for a swatching. They do build to a super pigmentation over a shadow primer.

Cheaper than a couple of bananas, you won’t be doing the peel slip by inventing in at least one of Profusion’s palettes. And for a buck, these can make nice Secret Santa or stocking stuffer gifts.

Do you treat yourself to these little, baby splurges? Do you think I’ll end up with some other palettes this Holiday?