Glitter for a Gilded Gold Festival

When it comes to holiday colors, I’m a silver winter girl.  I liked the White Queen in Nardia.  OK, OK, so she was mean and evil.  I still loved her wardrobe!

However, today I am showing you some holiday gilded gold looks.

Steph, at Imperfect Painted, blogged about finding polish at Lane Bryant.  (Do check out her blog. She focuses on polishes that don’t break the bank.)   I was going to be out at that outlet mall so I paid a visit to the store.  Oh, and I had checked several non-outlet stores but didn’t find polish.

Here’s one that I got…

A swirly, shimmery frost, ‘Heather Gold’ is another color that probably should be called
‘Patina Gold’ or ‘Burnished Bronze.’  It’s not quite gold when you put it up against gold metal.

Still a nice color though.  I didn’t think it was going to end up looking too nice because it polished with large bald spots.  So I did a third coat that was rather thick.

Outside it almost looks copper.  I do have on a top coat of just Seche Clear.  I had more plans…

This is Wet’n’Wild’s holiday collection of ‘Comet.’  These holiday minis are named after Santa’s reindeer.  This is a glitter gold for sure.  There are several different sizes of glitter in this however, that hexagon shape was not willing to come out of the bottle.  I think I got one chunk on my nails.

And when I went looking for a glitter gold I found this one too.  This is Milani’s ‘High Fashion.’  This base seems like a milky yellow with gold and pink glitter.

Now, for the comparisons…

It was evening when I got around to getting outside for photos and it was just as the sun set.
I alternated the ‘Comet’ And ‘High Fashion’.  The index finger and ring finger have ‘Comet.’  Middle and pinky have ‘High Fashion.’   My thumb as ‘High Fashion’ which you can barely see in the first photo.  I do see a couple of the hexagon glitter pieces on my index finger.  It would have been nice if more would have deposited.  I just didn’t want to work that hard in getting them out of the bottle.

Here’s the thumb with ‘High Fashion.’  That evening sun makes it look brazen.

The two glitter topcoats do look similar.  Just a bit of differences.  The ‘Comet’ has a heavier type of glitter along with the large hexagon.  The ‘High Fashion’ features glitter all the same size but with a couple of different colors.  It’s also has more glitter in it that transfers to the nail.  Still have this polish on, but I’m not hopeful that it will be a charm to remove.

Even though I think Lane Bryant’s ‘Heather Gold’ can stand by itself, the glitter topcoats give it more of a festival feel.  Either one of  Wet’n’Wild’s ‘Comet’ or Milani’s ‘High Fashion’ work to give a gilded gold aura.

Which color do you like for the winter holidays?  Gold?  Silver?  Would you wear ‘Heather Gold’ alone or with an overlay color?