Glitter Or Bust

I got this one at the flea market…

 Is that ’40 XOAN’???  #87…sheesh.  How about ‘Glitter Or Bust’?  When I saw this in the heap, I didn’t even contempt getting it or not.  Total ‘getting it!’

Top photo is in the sunny window.  Next is the patio, out in a perfect spot for a sunlight photo. 

I hope I’m getting wise in my older years; I put on a nude base.  If you read on a steady basis around here, you might recall when I discovered Color Club’s ‘Incognito’ and blogged about it.  It became my new ‘go-to’ base for effect top coats. 

This is a gold glitter with some round blue and red dot glitter.  As hot as it looks in the bottle, the glitter didn’t want to come out and play.  I have not only 2 coats on here but also, I pulled some of the red and blue glitter out and dabbed it on.

Not going to bitch about the pay out.  I like the look.  Oh, frick!  There’s a divet on the top of my thumb.  And there are also burn marks on my nail bed.  Ouch!!!!!  I need to just get over it and purchase my own gel product and do my nails myself.  I think this last time they duped me and just did acrylic instead of gel.   Well, I more than ‘think’ they did.

Anyhoo, does ‘Glitter or Bust’ seem like a good name to you?  What color would you put as a base color?