Glow In the Dark Nail Drama

How could I not to this post and NOT think of Jen at The PolishAholic? She swatched all the China Glaze Halloween polishes AND gave me the willies about a spider in the mix. *shivers*

I wonder if there is a glow in the dark crackle out there? In the meantime, I did this…

I picked up both China Glaze’s ‘Ghoulish Glow’ and OPI’s ‘Black Shatter’ at Ulta. I just happened to have picked up China Glaze’s Halloween polishes recently, though.

I have on 3 coats of ‘Ghoulish Glow’ then the one coat of ‘Black Shatter.’ Both polishes dry matte. Here, I put on a coat of Seche Vite…

I didn’t shatter my right hand and even though it is obvious as that one single, huge, red zit that invades my face every so often, no one said a word about this…

Now, I don’t want to plant visions or heebie geebies on you, unlike Jen did to me…So, I will tell you that I tested out the glow in the dark in my closet and tried REALLY hard not to think of spiders…

See….I did it without any fear.

No, wait!!! That’s just a loose hair that you feel on the back of your neck and on your bare arm. Don’t be so goosy!!!

  • Ugh…that spider is yuck!! The mani definitely is NOT yuck. Could you imagine if some company came out with a glow in the dark crackle? OMG the hysteria it would cause!

  • the black magic i found (at k-mart.. :P) was sparkly, not matte…

    also, my purple potion is friggin' beautiful. chips too fast though, even with seche vite. πŸ™ i looove these bottles.

  • MissMidnightBlue

    EEEEEEK SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That mani rocks! πŸ˜‰

  • Love, love, love glow in the darks!!!

  • So nice I love it,I will buy my girlfriend with this, it glows perfectly

    Zero Dramas

  • Great mani!!
    Great idea!
    And this spider would cause sleep troubles to me!

  • I like the idea of glow in the dark polish, not sure on some of those colors. Do they have it in a pink?

  • ahhh I need that polishes!

  • I need this glow in the dark polish sooooo bad!!!!!!

  • Glow in the dark polishes are so cool! πŸ™‚ Nice spider haha

  • Anonymous

    I just want you to know I loved your response to the Nails mag article…perfect response.

  • @Megan You know you need to get this one for Halloween! I'm going to wear it to Universal's Halloween Fright Night.

    @continental Ahhh, you got the sparkly one! You are lucky!!! I hope you like it as much as the purple one.

    @MissMidnightBlue What? I thought you loved spiders??? Well, don't open that box I sent you!!! ;P

    @kittypolishnbags I was at Claires on Friday and they have about 4 different colors of glow in the dark!

    @Master Blogger If you want to give her something very unique, you should! I think she'll be delighted.

    @rock-or-not I liked this mani as it was just plain fun. There's nothing like finding a huge spider in your house to make you feel skittish.

    @Lisa I did see a pink and purple, for sure, at Claires yesterday. Maybe you'll like those shades?

    @Olivia Freshcura If you celebrate Halloween, or even not, every nail polish lover should have at least one glow in the dark. πŸ™‚

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Are you finding the China Glaze Halloween sets in Louisiana? If not, there is a glow in the dark by Wet n Wild too.

    @Vintage Makeup Are they not fun? The polish, that is. Not the spider. Eeeee….

    @Anonymous Thank you. I appreciate that. I think the editor meant to give a pep talk and she should have left it at that. But she was disrespectful to a large group of other nail lovers.

  • Gah! With the spider! I almost threw my laptop across the room. *hides and cries*