Good Goth That’s Red!

My week should get a speeding ticket, it went by so fast!

Here’s a nail polish that should get a ticket for being TOO HOT!

This is a Color Club red from a ’10 collection. Durn CC for not printing the names on these!!

This red is a much deeper, darker red that it looks in the photos. It’s an orange-red, which I don’t normally gravitate to. However, since it’s a darker shade, I can pull it off.  And isn’t there something so goth about really white skin and long, dark, red nails!

This was the longest I let my nails grow. In fact, when I look at these photos, I can hardly believe these are my hands. The polish is a keeper, though. This is three coats and a top of China Glaze ‘Fast Forward’.

If you wear red, does it set a different ‘mood’ for you? Do you have an alter ego?