Got A Sweaty Butt? There’s A Product For That!

There were a LOT of entries for my Glitter Giveaway! Gracious! I’m about 1/3 of the way done verifying. Don’t worry, though. I’m wanting to get it completed because I already have several giveaways lined up!!

Sadly, my nails are in no shape to swatch. I planted some crocus plants yesterday and that, for sure, took care of any healthy cuticles I have been nurturing.

Yet, I’m still out in the stores, malls and warehouse/club stores doing lots of work. Here’s something I found while looking for my project’s product…

Oh My! I’m sure there were a few elderly shoppers who gave me the sideways glance about my snickering.

I have never heard of this product. As a newbie runner, I have heard about chaffing issues. So, this probably could be one of those products that would solve such a situation.

Would this make you giggle too?