Gray Clouds Over An Orange Sun

Can you imagine a ‘grunge’ nail look? Well, if not, check this one out…

This is the crackle gray polish from China Glaze and it’s called Cracked Concrete.

I took yesterday’s manicure, check here, and put some cement on it…

What a variety of textures. Hmmm…I can say, I was not consistent with application. And, I was trying to. It just happened. Not the look I was wanting. Yet, I could just say I was going for a down and dirty look. Hee hee! OK, no one would believe me.

I put one coat on; that’s all you need. However, how thick of a coat used is going to make the difference.

The thumb went all to hell. That is too much crackle to crack! If I had planned to wear this outside of my home, well, I would not have!

The only nail that went well is the pinky.

It doesn’t look like cement, but more like shattered, dirty glass. LOL Grunge..and I don’t do the grunge look well. The other nails, save for the thumb, could have been salvaged with a shiny top coat.

Did you ever step on a crack…on purpose? I did. I was an ornery brat!