Green: A Color For All Seasons

Green is a color that shows up in every single season. That’s pretty cool. Not important, but cool. 🙂

This green glitter might be perfect for any season…

Glitter Bomb!! Green Glitter Bomb! ‘Diamond Green’ is from my huge Kleancolor haul earlier this week.

Let’s take a look to see what it looks like on…

This is three coats and one top coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid 10.’ I liked this just fine without a base color but it wouldn’t hurt to have one. I just enjoyed it as is.

Half in, half out of the sunlight. These greenie is sparkly everywhere.


Much like the Diamond Fuchsia that I reviewed earlier, this soaks up the top coat like the rain on dirt in a desert. (Maybe where you are right now, in this heat! Phew!!)

‘Diamond Green’ may visit, again, when in the winter for the Holidays. It would do well at Christmas, no?