Guest Blogger Aleya Bamdad: Nutrition For Your Nails

I have, for you today, a guest blogger and writer, Aleya Bamdad. She asked if she could share a piece on health for our nails. I told her it was right up my alley and I thought you, my faithful readers, would enjoy.

Vitamins That Help You Grow Healthy Nails
Giving yourself a weekly manicure, wearing gloves while doing dishes and applying moisturizer are all good ways to take care of your nails. However more important than any of these is the nutrients that you put into your body that make you strong and beautiful from the inside out. Here is a list of vitamins that you should incorporate into your diet to see results.

Vitamin B Complex– When we refer to vitamin B complex we are referring to the entire range of vitamin Bs there are available on the market. This vitamin is very effective in helping you grow healthier, stronger and longer nails so that you will spend more time enjoy them and less time filing away at chipped areas. Taking a dose of B complex helps your body to fight infections so that you have a lesser chance of getting infected by a fungus and an easier time healing form one should you get it.
You can get a good dose of vitamin B by eating lean meats, fish, peppers, spinach and kidney beans.

Biotin– A form of vitamin B which is taken by a lot of people to prevent hair loss, Biotin is also a good friend to your nails. When taken regularly it makes your nails thicker so that they are less brittle and less likely to break.
Biotin is found in foods such as nuts, carrots, eggs and berries.