Handwriting Game

A fellow blogger, Megan of Kitschy Suburbia, had this handwriting game on her site.  I thought it was cool to get to know others this way so, here’s mine…

1.  What is your name?  And your blog?
2.  What’s your blog URL?
3.  Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4.  Favorite quote.
5.  Favorite song?
6.  Favorite band/singers?
7.  Say anything you want.
8.  Pass this along to a few bloggers.

Have fun!!!
  • Nice!! I like it when people still use actual handwriting. My printing is good, but my “cursive” sucks. LOL

  • such a fun game 😀

  • @Megan I still have that loopy handwriting from high school, when I write slow. hee hee!

    @Christine It is fun, you should do it too. 🙂

  • Ooh, your handwriting is lovely!

  • @Lace Escapades You are too nice, darling!

  • Fun! Your handwriting looks so pretty!

  • @Iris I have a thing about having to read someone's handwriting and not able to make out heads or tails!