Happy Halloween Sally Hansen’s Nail Strips

Happy Halloween! I hope you had a great day and a grand month. October is so fun!!

Here’s my last Halloween manicure…

 This is Sally Hansen’s ‘Real Nail Polish Strips’. I got these as a gift from my dear Twitter friend, Somecrazedlady. She is a sweetie in many ways. I love these little ghosties!!

 I had been avoiding trying these strips because I just don’t have a steady hand. However, I had to try these out, them being so durn cute and all. They were not as hard as I had anticipated, but it does take some skill. I got a few to turn out OK.

 My thumb seemed to turn out just right. I picked a size that was perfect. I seemed to have been between sizes (story of my fashion life!) for my ring and pinky fingers. But, unless someone looked really close, they wouldn’t be able to notice that.

There were some wrinkles but I got all but a couple smoothed out. I had read enough reviews on these to be on the lookout for that and to not pull too tight and tear them.

It was fun to sports these today. I thought they were pretty ‘ghoul’. ;P