Holy Holo Gracious Green Polish

Kim, owner of Overall Beauty, tweeted that she had read, older women wear green polish to look/feel younger.  I promptly told her BALDERDASH!!  Green is for everyone!

 I took LOTS of photos of this one because I LOVE it so much I’d marry it if I wasn’t already hitched.  That doesn’t stop me from having an affair/love-fest with it!  This is Kleancolor’s ‘Holo Green.’

Don’t even think about taking this green holographic polish away from me!  Partially, all the photo-taking was because I love this one.  If I had to wear only one green for the month, it would be this one.

I only did 2 coats on my ring and pinky fingers to show you how really sheer this polish is.  And on the other digits, I have 4 coats.  ‘Holo Green’ was incredibly easy to use.  And this brand makes thick brushes so that’s a large part of that.  I put on one coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ as a top coat.

I think it’s a jelly as well.  Now, as beautiful as this polish is, and I got 2 compliments wearing it, it is a pistol to remove.  If you decide to purchase this brand and try their holos, get Zoya’s ‘Remove+’ and you won’t have to say a single cuss word.

It’s sad that the photos don’t show you the truly awesomesauce of bling this polish has.  There is all the green sparkle you can imagine right here.

Although it is a lighter color, the holo effect doesn’t diminish.  I feel lucky to have stumbled onto finding this.  I got it at a newly-opened beauty supply store, along with several other jelly holos. 🙂

Here’s a big, baby crying at the door because I’m outside…

Have you tried a polish that’s both a jelly and a holo?  Do you agree that green polish is great for any age?