Holy Holographic Swoonful

How exciting is it to find something new?!  I spent a week in Denver with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  My sister, from Dallas, and my Dad, wintering in South Texas, came in to make it a joyful Christmas.

And, how cool is it to have a brother that likes to shop!  Whoopie!  We went to one of the malls in Denver for my niece to use her gift certificates at ‘An American Girl’ store.  While walking the mall, I saw a new to me store.  It was the Makeup Store

This is the flagship store in the US for Makeup Store.  I would have thought it was a MAC store too.  It was all black, there was a wide variety of color for each product and the sales associates had the MAC attitude.  What’s that?  I felt like I was treated as if I looked like Susan Boyle.  Look up the word ‘haughty’ and you’ll know what I mean.

The prices were in line with MAC as well.  So I just got one nail polish: Madeliene.  I’m told that the names come from people who work for the company…

Totally captivating.  I wanted to pick the most interesting polish they had and this was it.

It’s holographic so it’s ALL colors.  And for a holographic, it is demure enough that it could be work-friendly.  My cuticles were a wreck over the holidays so I had this manicure done professionally.  There are just 2 coats of color and I did come home and put some Vite on top of it as well.

Last night, before I downloaded my holiday photos, I noticed that this polish matched my jammies…

And, one last photo of harnessing a colorama of holographicness…

I was told that if I ordered online, shipping was free after $50.  I’m considering it because Makeup Store has even more holographic polishes as well as tons of other colors.

Are you as fickle as I am and seem to always love the most current polish you are wearing?
If you have purchased from this company, what is your opinion on their products?