How Back To School Can Save Bucks For Beauty Devotee

When I was a kid, I HATED to see the back to school supplies showing up in stores. It was a taunt that my summer vacation was almost over. Now, I snicker because, hey, I don’t get months off only to return back to work. I just work. And work. And work.

In some twisted way, I love shopping for school supplies, even though it has been years since I have been to school. But, I found a way to shop the supplies and use them as a beauty fanatic. Er, I mean, as someone who likes organization and utilizing my space the best way.

Have you been shopping for makeup bags? And, I don’t mean just lately. Makeup bags have been expensive for a long time. I don’t get even why. So, when I found a little lunch bag in the clearance aisle at Walmart several months back, my brain did a spin out!

That’s when I discovered that I could use a kid’s school lunch bag as a makeup bag. Saves me a ton of money! Here’s what I got today…

lunch bags Hello Kitty 018Hello, Kitty! Will you hold my makeup? Sure!…

lunch bags Hello Kitty 025The one on the left is my new one. I have filled up my first one with lots of untried polishes and nail supplies.

lunch bags Hello Kitty 026Heck, you don’t have to get a Hello, Kitty bag. They had this cute owl one too…

lunch bags Hello Kitty 017I didn’t stop with just lunch bags. Last year, I picked up some pencil boxes to store my mineral makeup jars…

makeup storage 001makeup storage 003If you are into inexpensive choices, these boxes rock!…

lunch bags Hello Kitty 020 lunch bags Hello Kitty 019Even these little boxes could hold lip and/or eye liners…

lunch bags Hello Kitty 022 Now, don’t you think that these containers are a lot cuter and a better price than the makeup bags you find in the cosmetic aisles?

  • Kayla | Peace Love and Glitter

    Great idea!

    • I know it isn’t all that pretty but I love how it organizes my goodies.

  • thanks for these ideas! so smart!

    • It certainly is on the cheap! 🙂

  • MyNewestAddiction

    What a fabulous idea! I need some HK in my life!

  • My Esthetician’s Blog

    I love Hello Kitty! What a clever idea! Just love it!