How I Became a Polygamist; Ode to Nail Polish

If polishes were like husbands, I’d be a polygamist.  I love so many of the polishes that I use.  I think I love way more than I dislike.

Wanna see who I’m marrying this time?…

No leading up to it.  Here is my new love.

I had more compliments on this than any manicure I have done before.  I could barely remove this one.  Up close, it’s not as thrilling.  Best to admire it from a great distance.  😉

The base color is Jesse’s Girl in ‘Flirt’.

One of the lovely ladies at our recent nail bloggers’ meet up had this in her swap box.  I wish I would have noted who I got what from. :/

When I was looking for my next polish to wear, I came across China Glaze’s Crackle called ‘Fault Line’.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would look hot to me.  I’m happy I surprised myself. 

I took a bazillion photos of this one.

Spam samwich!!  I didn’t put a top coat over ‘Fault Line’.  I really liked the contrast between its matte look and the super glittery look of ‘Flirt’.

Another pleasant surprise.  Another one I’ll marry.

Ever have a nail polish or makeup look you’ve wanted to marry?  Does the entire idea of that sound utterly ridiculous?  I blame PeeWee Herman using that line.  I loved his show.

  • This looks really cool!
    I really want to try one of the crackle nail varnishes. I love the colour of the one here:)

  • Flirt was from me!

    And we're twins- I'm wearing Fault Line today as well!

  • I love faultline I have to use it more.

    I missed the nail polish meetup. You have to tell me about it 🙂

  • Oh, I'm right there with you! I'd absolutely be a polygamist. LOL I love all of the marbles I've done…and the crackle polishes. And the art. And…you get the point. LOL I like the shimmer hidden under the crackle – very cool!

  • @Shannon Don't hesitate to nab one when you see it. I got mine at Sally's. I have seen some really wicked designs using it on YouTube tutorials. I'm very inspired!

    @NiftyBa Ha ha! I owe you a thanks then for Flirt. I love it! Cool on twins of fault! ;p

    @rmcandlelight Purple Crackle is yummmmy! I'm really looking forward to more OPI Shatters too. I am sooo sorry you missed the meet up. You are obligated to come to the next one, you hear?! ;p

    @Megan I have always liked contradictions and contrasts in art. When I hit upon one I've done, I want my mother to put it up on the refrigerator!! Your nail work is always fun to check out. 🙂

  • Fault is so pretty

  • I've only used Fault Line once because I didn't like how it crackled, but I love how you put it over a glitter! I agree, the matte/glitter contrast is kinda cool. 🙂