How I’m Finishing Off At The Vanity For 2013; What Is Going To Happen During 2014

I am testing out a Noxzema facial wipe and haven’t completed at least 7 days. My own rule is to test out the facial wipes for a week straight before reviewing them and, that hasn’t been completed. But, I will share with you a few things that have happened in the last 10 days. I got fed up with my own crappy nails. They are dry, cracked, broken, etc. So I went to the nail salon to get non-soak off gels. It started off like this…

1024x768_bestfit (5)But I ended up with this…

1024x768_bestfit (8)My hair has been breaking and falling out too. My little fun excursion of getting two ‘peek-a-boo’ purple chunks at the nape of my neck have left me with only 2 inch long here there. The bleach broke my fragile hair. And, I had it done professionally. So, I got a haircut, trim actually, as I didn’t change the style. I haven’t had a trim since May and I was ready. Here’s what it looked like right afterwards…

256x256_fit_one_bestfitIf you have curly hair, they will blow it out. If you have straight hair, hairdressers will take a curling iron to it. Have you ever noticed that??

Here’s what my hair looked like after I washed it and let it be its own curly self…

1024x768_bestfit (16)


I got almost 1-3/4″ cut off the back. Check your drugstore and mass merchandise stores for new hair products. Garnier, Tresemme, Suave, Nexxus and others are launching lots of very specialized hair care items. I’ve got some to share with you later on.

And a very special love/obsession has grown for me this past Fall, right on into the Winter. I can’t get enough of Solstice Scents. Even though fragrance posts are hard for me to do, I won’t let that stop me from sharing my experiences with these unequalled and completely unique scents. Here’s is how my Winter Collection order came…

1024x768_bestfit (12) 1024x768_bestfit (14)Those are some rusted jingle bells in that package along with real fir tree trimmings and my full-size roll-ons in a burgundy satin bag. I’m blown away by their presentation!!

Feel free to check out Solstice Scents at their website.

Other things to come in 2014: a HUGE makeover of the blog. It’s been in the planning stages for months as I gather up and present my ideas to the designer. I’m going to revive my fashion blog; sister blog to the Vanity and, I’m adding another blog to the ‘pink’ family dealing with health, fitness and healthy laughter. Also, I’m trying to decide what blogging/makeup/beauty national show to attend this year. Let the planning begin!!!!



  • exciting stuff on your blog horizon! looking forward to every bit of it. i’m headed off to ibs new york in march. which ones are you thinking of attending. i can’t wait! hmmm. i seem to have lost my keyboard caps key this morning. ugh. yeah. what’s the story with the straight hair/curling iron thing?

    • I am toying with going to another one of The Makeup Shows. But, IMATS would be the creme de la creme! I would want to go with a buddy though. That’s just too much for me to concour alone.

  • That nail design is my favorite from the holiday ones I’ve seen! It’s whimsical and beautiful!

  • Love your nails! I love your hair curly, too!

  • BeautyJudy

    Those holiday nails are cute. And that’s a good point. I always tell my hair dresser no, don’t straighten it! calm my frizz but embrace my crayz hair LOL

    • I want to see a wash ‘n wear hairstyle on me. I already KNOW I can blow it out. LOL

  • Amber

    Yay! Fun post!! Loving your hair and nails! I need to try Solstice Scents! Can’t wait to hear more from you about the scents you tried. And their packaging…amazing! What a thoughtful presentation!

    • Thanks, Amber. πŸ™‚ I should mention that SS shipping turnaround has been the BEST in the INDIE WORLD!!

  • Anastasia

    Love the nail transformation, and the design is so festive πŸ™‚ Perfect for Holidays!

    • I got a lot of compliments from strangers on the nails.

  • Nidia Doherty

    Unless I want my hair straightened, I usually tell them just to let it be, and let me walk out with wet hair. No one knows how to style curly hair, it seems! Happy New Year!

    • I took in the extra pampering and, I was going back to work so I took it. (HUGS)

      • Nidia Doherty

        You deserve it – and it looks fab.

  • Look at that nail transformation! I need to start taking better care of my nails, too. At least my cuticles.

    • It has ALWAYS been my cuticles but it was just out of ‘hand’!!!! I want to wear and show pretty polishes on the blog. But, not when they look like they met their match with a blender!

  • Wow amazing nails!

  • Ange

    Great nails, love the design!

    • I got the same nail design as the woman the tech just finished ahead of me. I said, I want those!!!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Presentation is everything and that was awesome! I have been wanting to try those fragrances!

    • You HAVE to get some samples to try out. And then, let me know what you think.

  • marciaf

    I like your new nails. I hope that you can get your own in shape this year too.

    • Thank and yes, I want to do just that. πŸ™‚

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Watta transformation with your nails! My nails have been breaking bad too so I stopped wearing nail polish for about a month. Lo, they were completely “healed” as of today.

    • Hmmmm….will you need to find some sort of treatment to put on your nails before you polish them?

  • Harshleen

    Love your nail design! And your hair looks great too!

    • Thanks! They are both getting a beating with dry air but I am finding it interesting to try out different products to moisten them up.

  • Can’t wait to see what your redesign looks like! Love the nail design!

    • I am sooooo slow about it. But, I am going to really love it. So many from our group, actually everyone, inspire me with their blogs.