I Am Such A Snot!

A long time ago, I dated a guy who managed a comic book/miniatures/gaming store.  Since he was always working, I hung out a lot at the store.  The paints for miniatures were as vast as the comics and graphic novels.  As I browsed through the assortment of paints, there was one that I will never forget.  It was called ‘Ogre Snot.’  It was green and matte.  I loved it.  But, I loved the name better.  And that’s when I started thinking about how well I could be at coming up with names of colors.

Here are some greens and some fun names for them…

The row of polishes match up with my fingers.  Oh, and I wanted to show you how one coat looked of each.
Orly’s FX ‘It’s Not Rocket Science,’ Sinful Colors’ ‘Call You Later,’ China Glaze’s Awakening ‘Zombie Zest,’ Finger Paints’ ‘Harvest Hues,’ and Milani’s ‘One of a Kind.’

And, outside.  If you need to paint and dash, choose Finger Paints’ ‘Harvest Hues.’

Coat number 2.

Coat 3.  ‘It’s No Rocket Science’ is coming around but not there yet.  ‘Call You Later’ is glitter madness.  ‘Zombie Zest’ probably needs to have thicker coats because I have seen this ‘alive’ on other blogs.  ‘Harvest Hues,’ makes the others green with envy.  ‘One of a Kind’ is getting there too.

After 3 coats, I’m bored.  So, this is what I did.  ‘Harvest Hues’ on the ring finger with an overlay of ‘Call You Later’.  And on the pinky, ‘One of a Kind’ with ‘Zombie Zest.’  Now, I’m having fun!
Take a look at the 5 greens out in the sun…

I cleaned all of them off but the pinky finger creation of Milani’s ‘One of a Kind’ and an overlay with China Glaze’s ‘Zombie Zest.’

Yes!  I created ‘Ogre Snot!’  The depth of this creation cannot be captured in a photo.  The thumb shows it the best.  Quite fitting for the Halloween season.  I still have this on today and am torn about taking it off to move on to something else.  It’s terribly wicked!!!

Is ‘Zombie Zest’ pieces of a Zombie shredded?  Does this look like ‘Ogre Snot’ to you?  What does the Ogre do with the snot…like, after it’s out?