I Found My Holy Grail For Nude and Holy Schmit Bar Glitter

If you read this post, you know that I was disappointed in this polish as it looked dirty on my fingers.  However, I am a huge fanatic of top coat glitters.  This glitter is SO SPECIAL I HAD to find the perfect nude base polish.  Hot damn!!!  I did!!!

This is Color Club’s ‘Incognito’ from their Alter Ego collection.  Looky!!!

I’m so happy to have found this one and how yummy it looks on me.  No streaks, no dirt, no problems.

OK, so I have found my ‘canvas.’  Here’s the media…

Swoon….Die!!!  It’s a Green Holographic Bar Glitter!!!  I let out a ‘yip’ when I saw this at the beauty supply store.  I held it tight as I shopped, truly afraid I’d drop it or some other polish lover would snatch it right out of my paws!!
This is Kleancolor’s ‘Starry Meteor.’

Only one complaint…the bar glitter didn’t live up to its end of the deal; it didn’t want to apply to my nails.  Oh, there is one other complaint…this polish smelled terrible.  I had to leave the room because it became over-powering.

I dabbed the polish on trying to get some of the bars off the brush and onto my nails.  I did get the regular glitter and the micro glitter on just fine.  In the long run, I am gaga over this mani!  I think I love this one the best.  Maybe I’ve said that already, lol, but this time I MEAN IT!!  ;p

I think I’m going to wear this one more day.  It’s sparkly without being over-bearing.  It’s green without looking like fungi.  It’s cute and I don’t care if it looks like little girl nails.  One thing it is, it’s mine.

Do you have any bar glitter?  What’s your Holy Grail base color polish?