I Got A Versatile Blogger Award

Megan at Kitschy Suburbia awarded me with a Versatile Blogger Award.

There are some guidelines to be followed to accept this cool award.

The Rules: Tell us 7 things about you then tag 6 other blogs for this award.
(Do you love these types of awards so you can safely snoop about a blogger?!)

1:  My blog’s mascot, Libby, is named after an instructor from The Firm, DVD home workout series.  Libby appears in a series that was produced at the beginning of 2002.  She was the modifier who would show the exercises at an easier level.  The lead instructor would often say ‘Beginners, follow Libby!’  I loved the name.

2:  I had a total hip replacement 3 years ago this coming March.  I damaged it when I was 20 years old in a car accident.  My current doctor said I probably fractured it but it didn’t show up on the X-rays back then.  When it was discovered that the joint was deteriorating, doctors said they would put replacing it off as long as possible because I was so young.  So, for my entire adult life I had lived with the pain.  Then finally 2-1/2 years ago, I threw my hands up in the air and said ‘that’s it!’  I found an awesome doctor who did a newer procedure that would not give me movement limitations.  I was out of the hospital in 3 days. I was doing some merchandising 15 days afterwards.  Got total clearance from my doctor in 5 weeks.  I’m living pain free, able to walk without a limp, run if I want to.
The first time I did the Pigeon Pose in yoga, I cried.  When I sat cross-legged for the first time in 26 years, I wept with joy.

3:  I’ve never drank coffee.  In fact, I can’t stand the smell of it.  I’m a tea drinker.  Chai Latte is my very favorite.

4:  I bought a house outside of Nashville that used to be a church.  A contractor had purchased it and renovated it.  His wife decided she wanted to move to Arizona.  So he sold it.  It is a very cool house!

5:  I am an infomercial addict.  When I get up early, early in the morning, I’ll scan the channels looking for something new.  I am totally fascinated by the rhetoric they use, more than the product.  If you can learn the way they use words, you’ll learn how to be persuasive.

6:  I lived 7 years without a TV.  For several of those years, I traveled with my job and either lived on the road or, was home only on weekends so I didn’t need it.  So, don’t confuse not having one with not watching one.

7:  As a kid, I loved spending time in my bedroom.  I love to read.  I wrote poetry, made drawings and paintings, played my guitar, and organized my small collection of books into the Dewey decimal system.  When I got into trouble and got grounded, my parents couldn’t ground me to my room.  They grounded me OUT of my bedroom to spend the evening WITH the family and watch TV.  I hated that!

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