I Have A Good Reason For Being Absent

And, I mean a REALLY good reason.

With only 24 hours to prepare, I got the opportunity to go to Vegas and attend the CosmoProf Show. Not only was I able to make a ton of industry contacts, the best part was meeting other beauty bloggers that I have been following before I even took up blogging.

Every one of them were sincere, friendly and a blast to hang out with. I have a lot of photos to share and that means a lot of photos to sort through. But I’m determined to get a post up with the best of show and products and enjoying meeting my blogger friends who I jokingly referred to as real-life friends now.

Maria, owner and creator of Cult Nails, is already my real-life friend. We went to the show together. She is stunningly beautiful.

Claudia, of Chromatic Misadventures, is my idol. She is one of the very first blogs I followed. I hope she didn’t get annoyed at me gushing over getting to hang out with her.

And this was a gathering of awesomeness. Left to Right: Claudia from Chromatic Misadventures; Krystal with Polish Galore; Judy with Beauty Judy; Maria from Cult Nails; ME; Gia with Bottles and Bottles of Polish; Sinead owner of Self Tanning Queen.

Can you tell we were happy and having a good time? We sure did!