I Have No Clue Which OPI Mini This Is

OMG! I have a TOTALLY BOSS new blogspot design coming up! I can’t wait to show you.

In the meantime, I’m clearing out working through older swatches and photos. I have a feeling if I don’t get through them, with all these gorgeous Fall collections coming, they will get sent to the cornfield.

So, let’s get started…

And this is one of those cute OPI minis from a collection. But damned, if I can figure out which one. I checked the Burlesque collection thinking it could have been one from there. But it doesn’t match any of the swatches I googled for.

That is exactly why I have purchased sticky dots, recently, to label the bottles. I have many Color Club bottles that are not labeled either. I know I thought I’d remember what collection this one came from, at the time I swatched. But, how silly is that thinking I could rely on my memory. Sheesh!

It is sparkle-mungous! And, it is more purpley in real life. And with that, I can only show swatches of this pretty color because all I know it that it is an awesome OPI mini.

If anyone can help me ID this, please let me know. I’ll be totally grateful. Til then, I think I’ll wish myself off into the cornfield.

  • Can you find the serial number on it? then try googling that πŸ™‚

  • This could be The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry collection. Hope this helps!

  • That looks like “Wing It” from last year's OPI mini Summer Flutter Collection (2010). I am mad for both this color and the blue one with sparkles with a hint of yellow-ish green called “Catch Me in Your Net”. I've been trying to find a full sized bottle but no luck yet.


  • beautiful color πŸ™‚


  • This is very pretty ! πŸ˜€

  • Yup, the only thing I know is if there's a serial number on it you can google that and it will show up the name.

  • Anonymous

    it could be “let me entertain you” from the burlesque collection

  • I think it looks a lot like The One That Got Away as well.

  • its the Katy Perry one that got away for sure πŸ™‚