I Like Money, But…

I had lunch yesterday with Kari who runs OnceBitten.  I was smittened; I was having lunch with a nail blogger who I admire and she is a celebrity.  Kari is a puppeteer.  Like I told her, not the Punch and Judy stuff!  These puppets are truly dinosaur size!  Go check out her blog to find out more about her and to see her in depth reviews on nail polishes and beauty products.

As a follower, you may know my unpropitious feelings for boring nail polish names.  Here’s a surprise then.  Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’ didn’t do it for me.  Yep, it was one I said ‘meh’ to. 

Sunny window photo.

Outdoors in the sunlight.  (It’s gorgeous here in Orlando today.)

Tip wear in under 24 hours.  Here in the sunny window again.

In the sunlight is the only attribute I find for ‘Copper Penny.’  It was fussy to apply.  I have just 2 coats here and maybe could have done 3.  I have 2 coats of Seche Clear and one Vite over this.  It’s got a few bubbles.

I do like metallic polishes and know they tend to be a pistol to apply.  Usually they are worth it.  I just don’t feel that ‘Copper Penny’ is.  A penny earned, here, is a penny not worth picking up.

What do you think?  Do you like the color?  Do you find metallic polishes hard to use?