I Spy…Layla Magnetic Polishes at Ulta 2/16/12

After a lot of walking, visiting a couple of my clients in downtown Orlando, I took to the mall to look for some photography books. My habit is to park by the Ulta store so, I stopped in before leaving. I wasn’t looking to buy anything; just looking for something new to share. But, if I found something I wanted, I am always open to go ahead and get it. Makes sense, right?

This isn’t really too new, but this is the first time I have spotted the Layla Magnetic Nail Polishes…

 I believe that they had just, very recently, set up this display. There were only about 4 missing.

 Mostly, the shades run to the darker tones. And they are metallic, which, I would expect considering they are ‘magnetic’ polishes.

There was a brushed gold shade, as well as a burnished pink color, and they were about as nude as magnetic polish will get.

This is the brochure from the display…

The photos I have seen on nail blogs, showing magnetic polishes, are quite lovely. However, I dropped almost $60 on a set of magnetic polishes last year and damned if I can get them to work for me. So, I don’t feel so keen on investing more money into this trend.

How about you, are you trying out the magnetic polishes? Getting good results?