I Spy…Loreal’s HOPE collection at Walgreens

Today I visited 4 different Walgreens. My quest is to find the Wet n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl’ collection. I will be relieving some store of their entire collection of ‘On the Prowl’.  *evil, sinister laughter*

Here is what I found in two of the stores I visited today…


This promotion, by Loreal, is to give $1 from each sale, to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The OCRF was started in 1998, to fund three active research programs . OCRF is the leader in funding the best researchers and cutting-edge research programs to explore, detect and treat ovarian cancer.


What an adorable collection. I like that the colors are trendy but not ‘out ther’e so almost anyone can like at least one product.

Did you pick up any of these for yourself?