I Spy…New Makeup Collection at Payless Shoes

There are some work ‘rules’ that are totally outdated. Like, wearing toe-covering shoes. That takes out sandals. Maybe in certain industries like food and construction, you need to cover your toes. And flip-flops are usually too casual for most places as well. But, come on!!! It’s the 21st Century and it is FLORIDA!!!! It is perfectly fine for me to wear nice sandals for my job as it is to wear sneakers.

OK. That preludes to my need to find TOE COVERING shoes for work. I got these at Payless Shoes earlier this year. I was hoping to find the same style in a taupe color for more versatility.

This photo is courtesy of the Payless Shoe Store website.

Since I was at a mall today, I thought I’d step in (haa haa!) and see if they maybe had something like that.

No luck. But I did find they had a new beauty collection.

 This line is called ‘Brash.’ There are other products in the line, however, I didn’t want to overextend my opportunity given by the Store Manager. I did ask if I could photo the polishes, while explaining my purpose. He was very nice and granted me permission. Oh, and let me add, these polishes were only $2.99.

I didn’t want a run-in like I did last week at a Beya store at another mall. At first, I was given permission but another woman came up and was unprofessional in her approach to tell me I couldn’t. Stupid ‘gate-keepers.’ She didn’t even know why they had that rule. She was just going to parrot what she had heard someone else say. And, she said she wasn’t ‘interested in learning.’ I did manage to get some photos taken before she came up to me. However, when I came back by that store when I was finished with work at another store, she was out talking to a couple of men working at the kiosk outside her store. She must have forgot the ‘rule’ to stay in the store when working. Hmph. So…no free advertising for that store. They don’t even have an email address to write a complaint letter to.

But, I have digressed severely….back to the happy, new makeup!

Here are some individual shots of some shades from the Brash collection…

All of them have sparkle. It just seems that ‘Sergeant Khaki’ is the only one that flashed his. 🙂 

Some of the glitter line…

The top photo shows the white and black cremes. I think the point is to put the glitters over that. 

And, a very sneaky photo of the roll-on powder eye shadow…

 Can you sort of see the palettes in the background? They are dual foundation and concealers. There are some lip glosses and perfume in this line as well. 

Even though I’m trying very hard to be on a no-buy until I get the new, fall China Glaze polishes, I allowed myself just ONE of these new shades. But after mocking up this post, I think I want to go get ‘Sergeant Khaki’.

I did choose ‘Gun Metal’…

This photos, in the sunlight, give a shot of the sparkle in ‘Gun Metal.’ I will be forth-coming with a swatch on this heavy shooter. 

The colors seem to be spot on for Fall, wouldn’t you say? Can you wear open toe shoes at your job?