I Spy…New Stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond 4/10

These new-to-me makeup items almost got lost in my photo files.  Eeps!  Well, on the other hand, considering the amount of photos I have, anything can get lost there.

However, I discovered them and discovered these new displays at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond when I was there last week.

Will we ever get enough ‘Twilight’ themed makeup?

 That’s quite an assortment of products on this one display.  I loved the sparkling dusting powder the best of all these items.  But, the polish colors don’t look unique at all.

This little, one-use travel makeup sticks remind me of the kind for mosquito bites…

You snap the swab-type container and it oozes out your product.  LOL…yep, oozes.  I think I’ll just stick to travel-size products.

One thing this fair-white woman doesn’t like to reminded of, is that I’m just not ‘in’ if I keep my pasty-white complexion year-round.  L’oreal’s saving grace with this campaign is the sassy polishes.

I dig the neutral shadow shades too.  But my eyes went right for the polishes!

Yellow sparkles!!

Sparkling Starfish too.

And I think a tinted tanning gel is the way to go.  I got Lush’s Charlotte Island just days before I saw this. The only draw-back I’m experiencing is the lotion rubbing off onto my socks.

And one last thing.  I didn’t get a complete shot of this display but I wanted to share it as I have never seen one of these items.

I have used lipstick sealers and it was a drying shellac right on my lips.  Ew.  I think this is it along with it’s new, baby sister; lip gloss sealer.  Does it really work?  Sorry, I’m not going to try it out.  Cracks are for sidewalks.

Quite a bit of new products for one visit at BB&B.  That was fun!  And I will confess, I did NOT buy anything.  Nope.  But now that I’ve gone back and looked at these photos, those L’oreal polishes look cute and sassy; no tan needed.

See anything you’d like?