I Spy…New Stuff at Ulta AND Walgreens 3/24

I stopped off at two stores today, Ulta and Walgreens, looking for particular items and found neither.  Hmph!  But I did see some new to me stuff.

At Walgreens, I finally found the new Spring Sinful Colors collection…

Only one bottle was missing, so they must have very recently put it out.

Here’s a new color, I believe…

And, I was walking around with this one, along with the dark griege/taupe ‘Nirvana’, when I saw that both of them were already in the core selection…

I thought ‘Unicorn’ would look cute dotted on the ‘Nirvana’ and, vice versa.  I left, not breaking a no buy (of something I’m not originally looking for) rule.  *shifty eyes*

Yes, I know, I went to an Ulta yesterday looking for for ‘I Juggle…Men’ and the Silver Shatter, however, I happen to do some work in another mall today.  I popped into that Ulta and still, no luck.  But this is what I did spy…

OPI’s Shatter out the glass!!!!  Hee hee!  Finally, a company that gets hot products out while they are….well, hot!!  I already got mine so there was a no buy at Ulta’s this time.

My stalking at Walgreens is for the spring LE Spring collections.  They have to be showing up soon…I hope.

Have you seen these yet?  Are you going to get OPI’s Black Shatter?

  • My Ulta had restocked all the Katy Perry polishes too! Nice for them to restock.

  • Y

    Oooo my rite aid doesn't really restock with the latest products 🙁

  • Wow. I'm kinda disappointed with OPI. You think they created a buzz over Shatter with their limited release just so they could jack prices up as if it's a VHTF? Well…at least they released more.

  • whoa! tons of shatter =]

  • @Jeweled Thumb I have been seeing more of the K Perry collection, as well.

    @Y Sometimes I wish we did have Rite Aids here in FL. But I bet you'd like our Wags too.

    @Megan I'll be interested to see how long their Shatters stick around. I'm sure it is just a current trend but for now, they shouldn't be hard to come by.

    @TheVEROblog Yes! If I didn't already have mine, I would probably of squee'd out loud. lol

  • wow that's a lot of shatter!

  • @Lesley I wonder how long it will take for them to go through that.