I Spy…New Stuff At Walgreens Today, 3/10

I’m still looking to find the new Wet ‘N Wild Spring Limited Edition makeup.  I didn’t find it…yet.  But I did find this…

If you look closely at the header, you’ll see that the 69 cent price doesn’t start til 3/27.  I had the cashier check just in case it would ring up for that amount today.  Nope.  Gotta wait til 3/27.

I couldn’t believe that this store had 2 side displays.  This one didn’t have the pencils put up yet but, I did see them on the cart to be stocked.  This one was finished…

Wet ‘N Wild doesn’t go deep (number of a single item; in this case, only 2 deep) but they do go wide (this would be the number from left to right and all different colors, with this display).  So if you want to get a back up of that polish, you’ll want to nab both from the display.  Well, in this case, they had 2 displays.  I’ll be curious to see if other Walgreens have 2 as well.

It doesn’t look like there are any new colors, it’s just a promo they are doing with Seventeen magazine…

However, it looks like they have just about any color you’d want.

69 Cents?  Heck yea, I can get some new-to-me colors and find some fun things for a giveaway.  🙂
Anything you’ll be getting?

  • Wow! 69 cents! Hopefully the products are good 🙂

    Kisses, Melanie

  • wow sounds really amazing 🙂 they have so many pretty colors 🙂

  • @Beauty I've been using their products for years. I must say, they have improved greatly and the beauty blog world, for the most part, has agreed.

    @Christine There most recent shadow palettes have been amazing! Hey, for 69 cents, it doesn't break the bank to check it out. Try their polishes!

  • Wow thats such a bargain and the polish colours look lovely x

  • @nicoletta It made sense to me when I saw that Seventeen magazine was promoting it. This will get the young makeup ladies locked into a product. Marketing calls it 'seeding.'

  • $0.69! Sign me up!

  • WOW I wish. LOL
    I love the look of the nail polishes. 🙂

  • @kittypolishnbags Mark your calendar for 3/27!!

    @Ashley You don't have these where you are, do you? That's just cruel!!! Sorry. 🙁