I Spy…New Stuff At Walgreens Today

Have you read about the Sinful Colors polish that is a green flaky called ‘Green Ocean’? I read about it on Nouveau Cheap’s blog.  She reckoned this St. Patrick’s day re-release to a ‘blue-green Hidden Treasure.’  This, naturally, created a big, fat lemming!  Today, I stopped by the Walgreens closest to my home and didn’t find it.  I was really disappointed.  But, I know I’m going to pass at least 5 stores tomorrow while out and about working.

I didn’t want to let the trip be a waste though.  Here are some things I did find…

I love nail art!  Kiss’ New Fine Art Pens look like they would make ‘drawing’ on your nails really easy.  I need easy. 🙂  I have a lot of nail art stuff.  What I’ve learned about doing all this nail art is, having a lot of nail art stuff doesn’t make you good at it.  Fail.  Rats.

The display didn’t even have a price on it.  In fact, a lot of the items on the ‘promo area’ didn’t have prices.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and that they had just put all those out only 2 minutes ago. 

Each package has 2 pens in it.  There were 2 different sets.  One set was pink and white, while the other was black and silver.

The next display I saw wasn’t necessary for new products either, but it did catch my eye…

The reason this stood out to me is because it was boring and terribly uninviting.  I’m thinking there is a lot of unused space!  As a visual merchandiser, I know that companies have it down to the nth how much everything has to cost to pay for retail real estate (the place it occupies).   This one fails in volume and interest.  Some artsy fartsy sold this to Revlon by saying ‘it’s CLEAN and FOCUSED.’  Oh, boy. 

What do you guess the Kiss Nail Artist pens sell for?  I’m going to say $3.99.  ???