I Spy…Sally Hansen Halloween Nail Collection at Walgreens 8/23

Bed, Bath & Beyond can get makeup/beauty items before some of the other stores do. That said, I go there to do some merchandising every other week. What’s the first thing I check before doing my ‘real’ work? Yea, that.

However, there wasn’t anything to ‘spy’ today. Rats! So, I stopped by a Walgreens on the way home. I wasn’t hopeful, but was trying to find Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl’ Halloween collection.
Here’s what I did find…

Here we have Sally Hansen’s Halloween Hard as Nails collection.

A black, a gray and a purple. See anything you haven’t before?

An orange, orangy-red and a chartreuse.

Again, do you see anything new?

I like the display and the colors that are selected to represent a Halloween collection. I’m thinking, though, that I have some very close shades like this already in my collection. Now, if some of them were glow in the dark….I would have got them.

The Wet n Wilds are on their way. I just know it! I’m holding out for those.