Icing: Flower Child

Do you throw confetti at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? Naw, me either. But, those ‘rockin’ parties seem to. I’ll settle for confetti on my nails. That hangs around longer…

swatches toss trash reviews 114 swatches toss trash reviews 116I found ‘Flower Child’ at an Icing store. I don’t know why I keep looking for more, new polish. I have more to-be-swatched than days of the week. Probably everyone can agree that there isn’t enough time during the Holiday season to get everything done. So, my nail-painting has slacked!

‘Flower Child’ is the perfect polish for those that like lots and lots of glitter…

swatches toss trash reviews 115 swatches toss trash reviews 117There’s round glitter, hexagon-shaped, and lots and lots of shards. I see teal, orange, silver, fuchsia, green and gold colors.

This glitter polish is the kind I love painted over a dark, creme polish. And, ‘Nevermore’ from Cult Nails is my all-time, only-one-I-need, one-coat black creme polish. But, I was fascinated to see it on a dark blue creme (I don’t remember which brand I used), as well…

swatches toss trash reviews 112 swatches toss trash reviews 111 swatches toss trash reviews 110I did have to do a bit of placement as the glitter wanted to all collect at the tip. You can see how this made the topcoat not as smooth. Of course, with ‘Nevermore’, I only needed one coat but, the blue polish got two. Then I put on two coats of ‘Flower Child’.

Since I didn’t wear this on my own nails, I can’t judge how it would wear for real. However, for a one-night event, such as New Year’s Eve, being a ‘Flower Child’ might be the new bling.

Do you think you’ll ever NOT like glitter polish?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jallisonteixeira Jessica Teixiera

    i could never quit glitter polishes!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015344013 Kimberly Murray Purcell