Icing Polish: So Fierce

I have an obsession with the recent type of nail polishes that look like sprinkles suspended in a murky jelly base. At first, it was rare to come upon them. However, now they are quite trendy. This is a cutie I got at Icing…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 069Pink and glitter sprinkles…yes, please!

kiehls icing mani ugly face 070‘So Fierce’ is a pink base and lots of pastel hex glitter. Very girly-girl.

kiehls icing mani ugly face 081kiehls icing mani ugly face 074It does have a slight bit of texture but, I don’t feel that it is as much as the photos convey. This is just 2 coats and it is still somewhat translucent. I did 2 coats as I didn’t want to make the appearance look too thick.

kiehls icing mani ugly face 097kiehls icing mani ugly face 095Currently, I am staying with my brother, my sister-in-law and niece until I find a place of my own. In the meantime, I am unable to polish my nails, wear perfume or fragrance lotions because of my brother’s fragrance sensitivity. So, I haven’t been able to change my polish as often as I have in the past. I wore this one for about a week and I didn’t mind at all. It’s just that pretty.